How it works

The platform has two main objectives:

  1. Provide learning institutions with all the tools they need to create a virtual learning environment that is conducive to learning; and
  2. Provide students with learning experiences in an environment that is conducive to learning

The two crucial ingredients being the learning institution and the student.

Let's say you are a learning institution or training provider called ABC Skills that signed up to use the MyHygro Platform, with the platform you can:

  1. Create unlimited users: These are typically employees or colleague's like Facilitators, Assessors, etc.
  2. Create Unlimited learning programs: These can be single unit standards, skills programs, qualifications or non-credit bearing workshops
    • For Example, a qualification consists of many unit standards, for each unit standards you can:
      • Upload your learning material documents, for instance, a Learner Guide
      • Create tutorials: The aim is to guide your learner through the learning material
      • Upload Video Resources
      • Upload Additional Documents like PDF's and presentations; and even
      • Create formative and summative assessments, questionnaires and final exams
    • You will have the ability to monitor student progress in real time
    • The student will have the ability to complete and submit all the questionnaires and exams online
    • Your facilitators and assessors will have the ability to assess those students online
    • After assessments are completed, you and your learner will have immediate access to the results
    • You and your students will even have the ability to download the students Portfolio of evidence as a PDF document
    • The student can also complete the Training Evaluation Form online after completing each unit standard
  3. Register students online
    • Once you register a student for one of your learning programs that you created the student will receive a unique access key that only that learner can use to unlock that learning program in his student profile
    • You determine the structure of the learning program, which means that the student cannot advance to the next unit standard or module without having completed the previous unit standard or module
    • There is no cost involved for students, students use the platform for free.

All of this goes without saying, your learning material and associated documents, files and videos will be protected through encrypted security measures

The cost of using the platform comes in the form of a monthly subscription of R849 per month.