Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can i register as a non-accredited training provider?
Yes, We encourage good quality learning programs and recognize that there are many providers that produce top of the class learning programs that falls outside of the scope of accreditation
2. Is my learning material secure and protected?
Yes, Only registered students and users that belongs to your institution will have access to your institutions learning programs, materials and documents.
3. What does it cost and how does the payments work?
After signing up, you will receive a email that contains a debit order document and all the instructions you need to complete it. The subscription cost is R 849.00 per month.
4. What support can i expect?
We provide 24 Hour support from Monday to Fridays via email, telephone or remote desk. This means you are covered in the case where you simply need to be guided or in the case where you have a problem that you cannot solve from your side.
5. Is there a limit to how many learning programs we can load onto the platform?
There is no limit, the platform has one subscription and with that subscription you have access to all functionality of the platform
6. Can i register my company, even if my company is not a training provider, just to train my employees internally?
Yes, you are most welcome.
7. Will my students also have to pay a subscription fee?
No, your students do not have to pay anything to use the platform to access the courses that you registered them for.
8. Is there a limit as to how many learning programs we can add to our institution profile?
No, You can add your entire scope of learning programs